My name is Lemar Griffin. I'm a Multi-Talented creative based in Denver, Colorado. My approach to filmmaking, photography, and working with brands is to put the work in, and never stop learning. I use a blend of creativity and technical expertise to get the job done.

Meet Lemar

Tell me about the heart behind your business
and why you really do what you do.
What's at the core of it all.

But more importantly...

Tell me about the heart behind your business
and why you really do what you do.
What's at the core of it all.

I specialize in action sports, documentaries, and weddings. When I'm not behind the camera, you'll find me with my two daughters, who are the reason for my existence #Girldad. 

With an unwavering commitment to realizing the grand vision of each project, I enthusiastically embrace flexibility, opening the door to boundless possibilities. Stress evaporates as failure becomes mere feedback, allowing me to explore, experiment, and uncover novel techniques while discarding what does not resonate.

With almost a decade of experience behind the lens and editing, I have honed my craft to capture stories. I am a versatile storyteller who creates engaging content for those who allow me to work alongside them to complete a mission. 

More about my story...

The Process

Planning Call
Let's get the ball rolling and explore exciting solutions together with our kickoff call! 

Gameplan Questionnaire
This document outlines the project initiation, laying out details on how to manage and organize various tasks. In addition, it lays down guidelines for defining the scope of work that must be adhered to in order to deliver a successful outcome. The perfect combo to ensure success!

Strategy Session 
In this strategy session, we'll explore how current tactics can inform the development of new video content ideas. By leveraging what's already in place and adding fresh perspectives, you're sure to come away with creative ways to use video! We spend some time brainstorming innovative ideas for video content that will take your current marketing approach to the next level!

Game Plan Approval
Our client approval system is a way to get on the right track before we go into production. We use the information and ideas you've provided us with to give you all an initial assessment of our production plan for the project. Once you approve, the game is on.

Content Production
Content production is the art behind creating dynamic visuals and authentic narratives for your brand. It's an engaging way to make a lasting impression on customers, differentiating you from competitors in today’s digital landscape

Video post-production
Postproduction is the process of transforming raw footage into a stunning, high-quality visual experience. Through careful editing techniques and expert color grading, and sound design we unleash the creative potential to craft the stories we set out to tell for your audiences effectively. 

4th Quarter Revisions
Maximize efficiency and ensure your satisfaction - provide us with thorough details to eliminate the need for additional edits or design work. For my projects, 2 revisions are granted to ensure we are spot on.

Final Delivery 
The video we all have worked so diligently on is finally ready to be shared with your audience and potential customers. production plan for the project. Once you approve, the game is on.

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